How to Get Free Google Play Money

Google offers many incredible apps and games on their store, some of which you can access for free. However, there are lots of other useful ones that you have to acquire for a price while other free ones require you to pay to unlock premium features. The prices might not be over the roof and are conveniently added to your monthly bills, but sometimes you might pay more than you intended. Consequently, you can find free ways to get Google Play credits, such could come in handy to help you cover costs paid surveys online with free registration.

Google Play credits are simply currencies that you accumulate in multiple ways, and you could use them to buy apps and games on the Google play store. These credits do not expire; you can save enough to buy your preferred app or game.

There are many ways to garner your Google Play credits without dipping into your pockets. You can earn credit by registering certain devices, opening accounts on certain sites, completing surveys and installing specified apps in your devices. Some are engaging and will demand setting up and creating accounts, but you get to save some cash in the long run.

How to Redeem Google Play Credit

Once you have earned the free Google play credits and added them to your Google account, it is easy to redeem your credits whether you acquired them digitally or from a physical card. All you have to do is to log in to your Google account by visiting their website. You can then trace a redeem button on the list of items on your account and input whatever gift code you have. The credit is automatically added to your account’s balance.

Free Google Play Credit Scams

It is possible that as you browse, you will come across sites that purport to generate free Google Play Credit instantly. While this might be appealing, you should be on your guard; these are fake sites that do not actually work. Even worse, they can be a gateway to some of the most violent malware you can ever get.

These sites hide behind the Google Play credit generator narrative only to lure you into unknowingly downloading harmful viruses. Before you go ahead and open these sites, ask yourself, is Google Play store not aware and wouldn’t they go broke if they existed?

How to Avoid Google Play credit scams

Google Play credit scams are a common phenomenon on the internet, and anytime you are browsing related topics, you are likely to see such links. To avoid landing a free malware in the name of free credit, the following could come in handy:

  • Keep off of sites that ask you to provide financial information to get a free credit
  • Stay clear of sites that advertise or promise free code hacks
  • Note that legit sites dish out credit in limited points at a time
  • Stay clear of sites with poor reviews, with no social media accounts, or ones with bad grammar; most are likely to be a fraud.
  • Stay clear of websites that ask you to provide your email address so they can send you an attachment with your free code; you are likely to invite malicious malware into your device.

Can You Convert Your Google Play Credits to Cash?

No matter what you read or hear from multiple sites, there is no direct way to convert your Google Play credit into actual cash. You might encounter sites advertising such an endeavor, but they are a fraud and could be a pathway to vicious malware. Unfortunately, it is quite hard for an average internet user to tell fake from real.

However, if you intend to earn real cash from your credit, you could sell it to a friend for a discount, maybe. For instance, if you have a $ 150 gift card, you could sell it for about $ 135.

How You Can Use Your Google Play Credits

After accumulating play points on various sites and converting it into Google Play Credit, you can use it for several beneficial courses. For an average internet user, this a pathway to free Google apps, movies, books, games, or any other nice provisions in the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can use your credit to acquire a selection of great in-app purchases like getting premium features of your preferred app.

In another perspective, you could use your accumulated Play Points for a good cause by contributing to charity. This means you do not convert your points into credit, but you give them back to Google. The entity, on the other hand, will contribute to charity on your behalf.


Getting some Google Play money is not a complicated endeavor. There are multiple means through which you can accumulate this money. You just need to watch out for Google Play credit scams and your good to go.