Promote your brand and products effectively with Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app that rewards users when they unlock their device or smartphone. It was founded by Robert Seo and Hovan Yoo in 2014. The company has its headquarters in New York. The app pays users by sharing some space and data on their lock screen. After completing the installation, when a user opens their lock screen they are welcomed by an ad that gives them rewards. It earns its money from the advertisers. It pays the users in turn for installing the app. A user has to do nothing except installing the application. The ad gets played on its own, and the user has to view it.

How do Slidejoy works?

The primary income of the app is from its advertisers. These advertisers pay money to the company, to advertise their products through their app. The company later pays the users for keeping the app installed on their phone.

Benefits for advertisers: –

  • A company advertising with the app gets to feature and promote its products to a variety of customers. Normally, people avoid ads but on this app, the viewer gets rewards for viewing ads. In this way, the company comes into the attention of the people.
  • The app takes minimal space on the user’s phone. It does not irritate the customer, rather promote its content on their lock screen.
  • According to various surveys, users view a maximum number of ads in this app like that of other applications. This increases the popularity of the seller and their products.

The app is recommended by general users and advertising experts. It safeguards the privacy of the people by keeping their data safe. Slidejoy can be considered as the best platform for advertisers to sell or promote their brand. The same benefits can be availed by the users also after they install the app.